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Best Hotels to stay in Leh

Leh offers a variety of accommodations to suit almost every pocket or preference. Most hotels are family- run establishments and, as such, the services are more personalized than professional. Hotels are classified into A, B, C and Economy category while Guest Houses fall under Upper, Medium and Economy class. Tariff quoted in A and B category hotels include all meals, a system followed by most establishments.The guesthouses is a [/wpcol_1half_end]less formal facility offering rooms is a part of a residential house or its annex, where the guests can share the family kitchen for meals.

The guesthouses are a less formal facility offering rooms is a part of a residential house or its annex, where the guests can share the family kitchen for meals. Apart from the low tariff offered for accommodation ranging from very good to merely basic, the guesthouse system also provides an opportunity for the tourists to see and experience Ladakhi life from the inside.

In the newly opened areas of the region-Nubra, Changthang and Dah Hanu-tourist infrastructure is not yet adequately developed.The State Tourism Department has started the development of accommodation facilities like Tourist Complexes and Hiker’s huts at Tangse, Spangmik, Sakti, Rumtse, Hunder, Panamik and Saspol. Tourists can also seek accommodation as paying guests in a few selected homes in these places though they would be well advised to travel fully equipped with personal sleeping bags and some tinned provisions to be on the safe side, especially when visiting the Pangong and Tsomoriri lake areas.

There are also some Government run Tourist Bungalows located mainly along the Srinagar-Leh road. These offer the best value in the medium range, but room availability is uncertain unless you hold a confirmed reservation.  This is possible only if a written requisition has been sent to the Tourist Office at Leh of Kargil in advance.

During the peak tourist season i.e. May to mid-September, it is advisable to book hotel rooms in advance. By late September, as the tourist rush starts to decline, advance booking is not necessary, as availability of accommodation becomes rather easy. However, tourist planning winter trips may have to book accommodation in advance so as to ensure provision of heating arrangements during the period of their intended stay.


[wptabtitle]Category A[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent][/wptabcontent]

[table caption=”Category A – Hotels” width=”600″ colwidth=”45|60|150|100|150″ colalign=”left|left|Left|left|left”]

S.NO,Location,Name,Address,Contact Details

1,Leh,Abu Palace,”Chulings, Leh”,01982-252341

2,Leh,Alpine Villa,”Sheynam, Leh”,


4,Leh,Caravan Center,”Skara, Leh”,01982-252282

5,Leh,Cho Palace,”Skara, Leh”,01982-251659/ 251142

6,Leh,City Palace,”Tukcha, Leh”,01982-250772

7,Leh,Dragon,Leh,01982-252139/ 252720

8,Leh,Dewachan Continental,”Agling, Leh”,”01982-253178, 253177″

9,Leh,Gaph-Chow,Likir,01982-227151/ 252748

10,Leh,Gladan,Leh,01982-252436/ 252173

11,Leh,Gwaling International,”Changspa, Leh”,”01982-253252, 09419178242″

12,Leh,Grand Willow,”Fort Road, Leh”,9419178242

13,Leh,Hill Town,”Upper Tukcha, Leh”,

14,Leh,Holiday Ladakh,Leh,01982-250403/ 251444



17,Leh,Isia,”Changspa, Leh”,01982-252468

18,Leh,K-Sar,Leh,01982-252348/ 252735

19,Leh,Kaal,”Skara, Leh”,


21,Leh,Kangri,Leh,01982-252762/ 252051

22,Leh,Ladakh Residency,”Changspa, Leh”,”01982- 2581111, 09419178039″

23,Leh,Ladakh Sarai,”Saboo, Leh”,”01982-244063, 09419179018″

24,Leh,Ladakh Continental,”Sheynam, Leh”,01982-251359

25,Leh,Larimo,Leh,01982-252101/ 253345

26,Leh,Lasermo,”Chulung, Leh”,01982-252313

27,Leh,Leh-Chen,”Yourthung, Leh”,”01982-253017, 09858993343″

28,Leh,Lharisa,”Skara, Leh”,01982-252000/ 252001

29,Leh,Lingzi,Leh,01982-252020/ 252679

30,Leh,Lotus,”Sankar, Leh”,01982-253129/ 253008

31,Leh,Lhukhil,Likir,”01982-227137, 09419840149″


33,Leh,Mandala,”Fort Road, Leh”,01982-252943

34,Leh,Mansarovar,Leh,”01982-252760, 09419178560″

35,Leh,Mahabodhi Eco Resort,”Devchan, Choglamsar”,01982-264372/ 264905

36,Leh,Moghal International,”Changspa, Leh”,01982-253438

37,Leh,Munshi Continental,Leh,01982-253607

38,Leh,Namgail Palace,Leh,”01982-256356, 0949179415″

39,Leh,Nature Residency,”Choglamsar, Leh”,01982-264054

40,Leh,New Antilop,Leh,01982-252086

41,Leh,New Lharimo,”Changspa, Leh”,01982-252101/ 250948/ 253345

42,Leh,Omasila,”Changspa, Leh”,01982-252119

43,Leh,Oriental,”Chanspa, Leh”,”01982-253153, 0949178774″

44,Leh,Padma,Leh,”01982-252630, 09419178171″


46,Leh,Royal Heritage,”Tukcha, Leh”,01982-255988/ 252688

47,Leh,Royal Palace,Leh,01982-252276

48,Leh,Shambala,”Skara, Leh”,01982-252067

49,Leh,Shangrila,Leh,01982-256050/ 253869

50,Leh,Shaynam,”Sheynam, Leh”,01982-252345

51,Leh,Siachan,”Aling, Leh”,01982-252586

52,Leh,Silk Route Inn,”Skara, Leh”,01982-252090

53,Leh,Singee Palace,”Sheynam, Leh”,01982-253344

54,Leh,Spik N Span,Leh,01982-252765/ 251225

55,Leh,Thongsal,”Yourthung, Leh”,01982-252227

56,Leh,Tsomorori,Leh,01982-252271/ 253611

57,Leh,Yak Tail,Leh,01982-252118/ 252735

58,Chuchot,Skalzang Chamba,Thiksey,01982-267004/ 252261

59,Chuchot,Skit Tsal,Stok,

60,Saspol,Ule Ethnic,Ule Tokpo,”01982-253640, 09419178275″


62,Nubra,Rimo,”Tigar, Nubra”,01982-251525/ 223525

63,Nubra,Nobra Organic Retreat,”Hunder, Nubra”,9469176076



[wptabtitle]Category B[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent][/wptabcontent]

[table caption=”Category B – Hotels” width=”600″ colwidth=”45|60|150|100|150″ colalign=”left|left|Left|left|left”]

S.NO,Location,Name,Address,Contact Details


2,Leh,Chonjor,”Chulung, Leh”,01982-253165

3,Leh,Choskor,”Chulung, Leh”,01982-252462


5,Leh,Deskit Chen,Leh,01982-252487/ 251523

6,Leh,Gepsy’s Panorama,”Yourtong, Leh”,01982-252660/ 252735

7,Leh,Green Ville,”Yourtong, Leh”,01982-252507

8,Leh,Hamalayan Heritage,Leh,01982-251360

9,Leh,Hermit Hut,”Sheynam, Leh”,01982-252707

10,Leh,Himalaya,”Chubi, Leh”,01982-252746

11,Leh,K 2 Continental,”Sakara, Leh”,01982-252980/ 252999

12,Leh,Kan Manzil,”Zangsti, Leh”,01982-252681

13,Leh,Kanishka,”Sheynam, Leh”,01982-256108

14,Leh,Kani Ka,”Tukcha, Leh”,01982-252703


16,Leh,Ladakh Green,”Lower Tukcha, Leh”,”01982-255090,”

17,Leh,Leh Castle,”Old Road, Leh”,01982-251262

18,Leh,Lung Se Jung,”Tukcha, Leh”,01982-252193


20,Leh,Nirvana Palace,Leh,01982-252834/ 252248/ 252071

21,Leh,Padmaling,”Karzoo, Leh”,01982-252933


23,Leh,Rock Land,Leh,01982-252589

24,Leh,Royal Ladakh,Leh,01982-252613

25,Leh,Shanti Palace,”Sheynam, Leh”,01982-254523

26,Leh,Snow Land,”Tukcha, Leh”,01982-253027

27,Leh,Snow View,”Changspa, Leh”,01982-252504

28,Leh,Takshi,”Katpa, Leh”,01982-253120

29,Leh,The Auspecious,”Chulung, Leh”,01982-253687

30,Leh,The Meridan,”Tukcha, Leh”,01982-252690

31,Leh,The Mountain Edge,”Yourtong, Leh”,01982-250934

32,Leh,Tsokar,”Ldutuk, Leh”,01982-253072

33,Leh,Yasmin,Leh,01982-255098/ 252631

34,Leh,Zambala Inn,”Changspa, Leh”,01982-251168

35,Leh,Zangsti,Leh,01982-252650/ 258448

36,Saspol,Alchi Resort,Alchi,

37,Saspol,Samdup Ling,Alchi,


39,Nubra,Karma Inn,”Sumoor, Nubra”,

40,Nubra,Sendal,”Deskit, Nubra”,01980-220404

41,Nubra,Yarabtso,”Tigger, Nubra”,01982-252480


[wptabtitle]Category C[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent][/wptabcontent]

[table caption=”Category C – Hotels” width=”600″ colwidth=”45|60|150|100|150″ colalign=”left|left|Left|left|left”]

S.NO,Location,Name,Address,Contact Details

1,Leh,Chubi,”Chubi, Leh”,

2,Leh,Dream Land,Leh,01982-252089


4,Leh,Hills View,”Chulung, Leh”,01982-252059


6,Leh,Lungs Snon,”Sheynam, Leh”,01982-252749

7,Leh,May Flower,”Sheynam, Leh”,01982-251343

8,Leh,Menswr Lodge,Leh,


10,Leh,Nomadic,”Choglamsar, Leh”,”01982-255155, 09419178121″

11,Leh,Potala,”Choglamsar, Leh”,01982-265266

12,Leh,Saser,”Changspa, Leh”,01982-252654


14,Leh,Silver Cloud,”Sankar, Leh”,01982-253128/ 252735

15,Leh,T Suru,Leh,01982-252728/ 252735

16,Leh,The Ladakh,Leh,01982-252496

17,Leh,Zarla,”Horzey, Leh”,01982-252672

18,Nubra,Jamshed,”Hunder, Nubra”,01980-221158

19,Nubra,Naycho Resorts,”Hunder, Nubra”,”01980-221062, 09469176094″

20,Nubra,Olthang,”Deskit, Nubra”,01980-220025



[wptabtitle]Guest Houses[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent][/wptabcontent]

[table caption=”Guest Houses” width=”600″ colwidth=”45|150|200|150″ colalign=”left|Left|left|left”]

S.NO,Name,Address,Contact Details

1,ALL VIEW,”Sanker, Leh”,01982 – 252761


3,ASIA,”Changspa, Leh”,01982 – 253403

4,CHHALI WILLAS,Malpak Opp.MMSchool Leh,

5,CHUNBI SPONBO,Leh,9419885622

6,CITY HEART,Near Bijoo Hotel,9906990768

7,DAWA,Near Sankar Gonpa,

8,DOLMA,”Malpak, Leh”,01982 – 253311

9,DREAMLAND,Yourtung Leh,01982 252044

10,DUMRA,”Charu Gonpa,Leh”,01982 – 253324

11,FORYORK,”Nurla, Khaltsi”,

12,FOUR WAY,Leh.,01982 – 253047

13,GANGJORE,”Tukcha, Leh”,01982 – 252102

14,GLACIER VIEW,”Tukcha, Leh”,01982 – 253503

15,GLOBAL,Choglamsar Mahabodhi,

16,GOBA,”Tiger, Nubra.”,

17,HARMONY,Malpak Leh,01982 – 252705

18,HEENA,Chubi Road Leh,9419401475

19,HIDDEN VALLEY,Khaltsi,01982 – 224047

20,INDUS,”Pharka, Leh.”,01982 – 252502

21,JIG GYAS,Zangsti Leh,9797477748

22,JIGMET ,”Zangsti, Leh”,01982 – 253563

23,JORCHUNG,”Tukcha, Leh”,01982 – 252463

24,JUNIPER ,”Nimalung, Leh”,01982 – 252694

25,KARMA – INN,”Hunder, Nubra”,

26,KHAN MANZIL,”Zangsti, Leh”,01982 – 252681

27,LARCHANG,”Changspa, Leh”,01982 – 252797

28,LDUMRA,”Karzoo, Leh”,01982 – 253470

29,LEH STUMPA,Upper Tukch,

30,LIMOSA,”Chubi, Leh”,01982 – 253450

31,MENTOKLING,Leh.,01982 – 252992

32,MILARAPA,”Chubi, Leh”,01982 –

33,MILLENNIUM,”Sabu, Leh.”,01982 – 252499

34,MINI IBEX,Samkar,01982 – 252733

35,MONALISA,”Changspa, Leh”,01982 –

36,NAMGIAL,”Tiger, Nubra”,

37,NAPISHU,Lower Tukcha,01982 – 251185

38,NATHU – LA,”Changspa, Leh”,

39,NEW ROYAL,”Chubi, Leh”,01982 – 252956

40,NEW STAR,Leh.,01982 – 253383

41,NIRILA,Karzoo Leh,”0198225664, 990692899″

42,NUBRA RETREAT,Teggar Nubra ,01980 223529

43,ODZER,”Karzoo, Leh”,01982 – 252652

44,OLDEN,”Sheynam, Leh”,01982 – 252513

45,OLGOG,Hunder Nubra,

46,PADMA,”Fort Road, Leh”,01982 – 252630

47,PALU,Changspa Leh,

48,PEACE,”Zangsti, Leh”,01982 – 253514

49,PE-SER,Changspa leh,

50,POLAR STAR,Samkar,

51,RAINBOW,”Changspa, Leh”,01982 – 252332

52,REE – YUL,”Zangsti, Leh.”,01982 – 252911

53,RIBUK VIEW,”Changspa, Leh”,01982 – 253230

54,RINCHEN,”Changspa, Leh”,01982 – 252486/252325

55,SERCHEN VILLA,Upper Karzoo,”01982-253484, 9419178208″

56,SHALI,”Katpa, Leh”,01982 – 253354/252727

57,SHELDAN,”Changspa, Leh”,01982 –

58,SKITCHAN,”Tukcha, Leh”,01982 –

59,SOWDATAMH,”Changspa, Leh”,

60,SUJATA,”Shenam, Leh”,01982 – 25123

61,THE ASHOKA,”Tukcha, Leh”,


63,TUKCHA,”Tukcha, Leh”,01982 – 252923

64,WHITE LOTUS,”Yourtung, Leh”,01982 –

65,ZAL,”Tukcha, Leh”,01982 – 253491

66,ZANPHAN,Leh.,01982 – 252992/253437

67,ZIMKHANG,”Alchi, Saspol”,01982 – 254680/227086

68,CHAMBA VIEW,Basgo,01982 – 225648

69,CHEMSHAN,Leh,01982 –

70,DELDAN,Shey,01982 –

71,EVEREST,Leh,01982 – 252317

72,GALWAN NALLAH,”Yourtung, Leh”,01982 –

73,GONZOM,Tukcha Leh,01982 251290

74,JAMSHED,Hunder Nubra,01980 – 221156

75,KALON,Thiksay ,01982 – 267029

76,KHANGSAR,”Deskit, Nubra”,01980 –

77,KUSHU,Leh,01982 – 251320

78,LASU,Leh,01982 – 252478

79,LAYUL PALACE,Yourtung,01982 – 251223

80,LDUMRA,Karzoo,01982 –

81,MAHA,Turtuk,Mob: – 9419112174

82,MARYUL,Karzoo,01982 – 252994

83,MOUNTAIN RETREAT,Yourtung,01982 – 250734

84,NILZA,Tukcha Leh,

85,NORBULINGA,”Chubi, Leh”,01982 – 252941

86,ONPOHOR,”Sankar, Leh”,01982 – 253613

87,PARK FIELD,Shenam Leh,9906970109

88,PHUNCHOK LING,”Katpa, Leh”,01982 – 252267

89,POTALA,Alchi,01982 –

90,RIGYAL,”Katpa, Leh”,01982 – 252658

91,SHAYOK,Hunder Nubra,

92,SHEL-KHAR,Shey,01982 – 252761

93,SOMA,Stok,01982 –

94,STANZIN,”Sakti, Leh”,01982 – 253464

95,TI – SEI,”Zangsti, Leh”,01982 – 252404

96,TOYOCHEY,Karzoo,01982 –

97,WISDOM HOLIDAY HOME,Changspa,01982 – 252427

98,Y – GUESTHOUSE,Sankar,01982 – 252168

99,YANG-LA,Takshal Chubi Leh,9622968288

100,YOURDUN PA,Hunder Nubra,”01980-221114, 9469735827″


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[learn_more caption=”The Grand Dragon Ladakh”]

Welcome to The Grand Dragon Ladakh – the newest member of the Dragon Group of Hotels


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[wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]



The Grand Dragon is the only Star luxury Hotel of Ladakh, a cold desert land of scenic and cultural beauty on the rooftop of the world.


Services and Facilities at a glance

  • 53 beautifully appointed deluxe room including 6 Royal Suites, each with all modern amenities like LCD TV with entertainment channels, telephone internet and Wi-Fi access and magnificent views. It is centrally heated which makes one’s stay luxuriously comfortable, even in winter.
  • 24-hour Room Service.
  • Coffee Shop 24-hours
  • Multi-cuisine Restaurant with separate vegetarian kitchen
  • Conference Hall ( a capacity of more then 200 persons), Banquet Hall, and VIP Lounge
  • Shopping arcade, relaxing garden, exercise lawn and jogging track.
  • Business Centre
  • Travel Desk
  • In-house laundry and dry-cleaning services
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Safe deposit
  • Parking Space

[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Thongsal Resort, Leh”]

[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]  [/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Thongsal Resort offers Exclusive Service, Amazing Hospitality, Eco Friendly stay in Leh and Value for Money: Thongsal Resort offers a unique experience in Leh, Thongsal is synonymous to a relaxed vacation in the lap of Nature. Amidst the rapidly growing Tourism in Leh, Thongsal comes with culture,  tradition and most importantly a very friendly environment which makes you feel at home. You will just be visiting your most hospitable[/wpcol_1half_end]  friends at their exotic house. At the same time, Thongsal has beautifully appointed Guestrooms to take care of the worldly luxuries whilst being in harmony with Nature. No matter how long or short your stay, when you leave this charming place you will be calmer. You will feel a connection with nature. Majestic beauty, rugged terrain await your arrival.



  • Boutique – Only 24 Guestrooms
  • O2 Café & Library
  • Watering Hole – Open air Bar
  • Cultural Evening at Tingmo
  • Grill & Barbeque
  • Bonfire
  • Vacation & Activity Planning


What makes it a 3* boutique Hotel & Resort
24 hour Power Backup & Hot Shower, Oxygen Bar, Dedicated Naturalist, On ground Activities:24 Guest Rooms

  • Multi-cuisine Restaurant
  • Open Air Bar & Barbeque
  • Coffee Shop& Library
  • Guided Nature Walk

[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Nubra Organic Retreat”]

[ezcol_3quarter id=”” class=”” style=””][kkstarratings id=”4162″][/ezcol_3quarter] [ezcol_1quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””][/ezcol_1quarter_end]

[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]

[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]

Built over a sprawling 8 acres land, Nobra Organic Retreat comprises 20 Swiss deluxe with attached bathroom tents, each of them offering a grand view of the snow clad Himalayan peaks. Matching the spectacular sights and organic vegetable garden & fruit orchard are the excellent facilities, which have been designed with careful thought to the most minute


details & painstaking effort, all aim at enhancing the comfort and keeping in consideration the Indian tradition of “Athithi Devo Bhava”.

Yet, no stone is turned unnecessarily, and the natural balance of man and his environment is preserved and protected.

The accommodations are designed so as to provide residents an immediate experience of the surrounding sights and sounds. Nobra Organic Retreat is an idea whose time has come.[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”HOTEL SNOW LAND”]

[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]

[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]

The Hotel is 85 KM away from Srinagar located at Srinagar-Leh National Highway between the beautiful mountains of Himalian Range. The Thajiwas Glacier is Just five minutes car drive and twenty minutes by ponney. Baltal which is the starting point for Shree Amarnath Holy Cave is at a distrance of 12 KM from Hotel and 13 KM to Cave from Baltal.


Many of the Trekking routs start from Sonmarg going to Nichme VishnosarGangabal Lakesand Naranag.


  • 54 Spacious Centrally heated rooms.
  • Running Hot and Cold Water.
  • Telephone in each room with STD facilities.
  • TV with Satellite channels.
  • Conference facility available.
  • Hotel’s own Power Generator.
  • Alpine Restaurant famous for finest Indian, Kashmiri & Chinese foods.

[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Spic n Span”]

[ezcol_3quarter id=”” class=”” style=””][kkstarratings id=”4159″][/ezcol_3quarter] [ezcol_1quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””][/ezcol_1quarter_end]

The Hotel is owned by the Abdu Family who hail from the town of Leh (Ladakh)

With its traditional Ladhaki style architecture complemented by plush green garden, the hotel is known for its high standard of comfort, hospitality and service.

Located in the heart of the Leh Town, the hotel offers breath taking, panoramic views of the snow-swathed Stock Kangri mountain range in the South and the imposing 16th century Leh Palace, Tsemo temple and the mighty Khardungla pass in the north.

We welcome you for a pleasant stay with us.

Located on the Old Road – A central area, it is barely a 2 minute walk from the main Bazar, Airport: 5km, Bus Station: 1.5 Km.

[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Valley Flower Camp”]

[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]

Cincopa WordPress plugin
[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Valley Flower Camp is set amidst beautiful valley in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nubra (Sumur), at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level, protected by snowy mountains and surrounded by lush greenery . Nubra valley is popularly known as ‘Ldumra’ or the valley of flowers. It is situated in the north of Ladakh between Karakoram and Ladakh ranges of Himalayas. Valley [/wpcol_1half_end] Flower Camp is “A” Class Deluxe  Camp. It gives a charming & picturesque view of Nubra Valley. For centuries this enchanting valley lay frozen during the colder months, and burst into its youthful beauty every year, as the snow melted with the advent of summer. Every year, the valley splashed with colour as it bloomed with hundreds of kinds of flowers; taking on various shades of colours as months progressed. Nowhere else can you get a place like this to spent your holiday.

Luxury Tents

The valley Flower Camp is home to many. We provide you with the best services with 15 comfortable Double Tents with concrete attach toilet & bath facility.

  • Queen Bed
  • Intimate seating area and leisure chair.
  • Spacious Tents
  • King Size Bed
  • Personal Space
  • Service
  • Office Desk


Doctor on call, Parking Facilities, Running hot & cold shower, STD facilities for communication, Cultural programme on demand, Own back-up power, Bonfire on demand, Oxygen


It has nice dinning tents with a capacity of 50 seater which serves Indian, Chinese Continental & Gujrati cuisine.


[/wptabcontent][/wptabs][learn_more caption=”CAMP REDSTART”]


[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]

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[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]With all new luxurious and spacious Deluxe Tents with attached bath we make your visit to Pangong Lake a more memorable experience.

The camp is manned by staff from Ladakh & Himachal who lend that extra hill hospitality and warmth that is hard to find elsewhere. We promise to make it a special one for each guest visiting this heavenly place with unmatched views of the lake.[/wpcol_1half_end][/learn_more]

[/wptabcontent][/wptabs][learn_more caption=”Mahey Retreat”]

[ezcol_3quarter id=”” class=”” style=””][kkstarratings id=”4240″][/ezcol_3quarter] [ezcol_1quarter_end id=”” class=”” style=””][/ezcol_1quarter_end]

A 10 minutes walk from the center of Leh town takes you to this beautiful  and quite retreat with each room having an outstanding view. Nestled next to a  century ols Ladakhi home, It has the ambiance unmatched in the rest of Ladakh.  Our guests live in great comfort and can experience a Ladakhi home just a step  away!

Imagine stepping out of your hotel to have a cup of salted tea at the home  of your Ladakhi hosts. Try your hand at the huge kitchen garden, which provides  most of the vegetables for your meals.  At Mahey, you are an honoured guest of a Ladakhi Family!

17 well appointed rooms, and yes, all of them centrally heated, make up Mahey  Retreat. Each room opens to a large garden and a huge kitchen garden. An uncluttered view of snow-capped mountains from every room tempts you to just  sit and relax throughout your holiday. A multi-cuisine restaurant and large sprawling gardens, along with the  legendary friendliness of your Ladakhi hosts make this quiet getaway ideal for  your adventure to Ladakh.  12 months of the year, Mahey is committed to get you back to Ladakh year after  year!

  • 17 well-appointed rooms
  • 24X7 running hot & cold water
  • Centrally heated
  • Wi-fi enabled
  • Every room overlooking the mountains
  • Multi-cuisine       restaurant
  • Large garden restaurant
  • Travel desk
  • All round the year operated





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  1. Rajat Bhatia, January 7, 2013 8:20 pm - Stay in Leh

    I would like to know what’s the current temperature on 25th Jan 2013 also what are possibility to explore Leh during that time.

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      harish, January 8, 2013 6:03 am - Stay in Leh

      Hi Rajat, winters are a wonderful time to explore Leh. The temperature varies between -10 to -30 ( during nights ) but the days can still be sunny and when you stay in centrally heated rooms the negative temperature does not bother you. You can move around during the days and during this time you can explore quite a few places, if the passes are open then you can visit Pangong lake also. During this time you can get to see a lot of Ice Hockey action in Leh…..

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